Azerbaijani MP: Some forces are worried about citizens’ support for president

Azerbaijani MP: Some forces are worried about citizens’ support for president
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  • calendar-gray 02 October 2017

Annexes and amendments made by the Azerbaijani parliament to the law on NGOs should be brought to the attention of international organizations correctly, MP Siyavush Novruzov said at a plenary session on Monday, APA reported.   


He said that international organizations should learn about decisions not from opposition sources and those who do not like Azerbaijan, but from the country’s representatives in international organizations.


“They should not think that the activity of any organization is restricted in Azerbaijan,” the MP said stressing that some forces are worried about the successful policy pursued by President Ilham Aliyev, the unity of power and people and in the country, and the citizens’ support for the president.


“Recently, various statements are made and various articles are published in foreign media about our country. Deputies and representatives of the public have expressed their positions in this regard. This biased approach should be eliminated,” he said.


The MP went on to say that due to the biased approach also taken by international organizations, double standards are applied to Azerbaijan.


“There are some countries that are members of the Council of Europe and other organizations which do not fulfill their obligations. Despite this, no measures are taken against them. Recently, the Council of Europe has focused its direction on Azerbaijan and Turkey. This is an obvious example indicator of the correct and independent policy of our country. The policy of Azerbaijan is a balanced policy founded by the national leader and which is now successfully being continued by the head of state. The Armenian lobby and those supporting them in our country are concerned about Azerbaijan’s hosting international events. We are ready to listen to any recommendation. In this regard, I believe that the MPs represented in each body should inform those organizations that Azerbaijan has joined each organization thanks to its own values. I think that the parliament should take some steps at the legislative level in this regard”, he added.  





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