Jeyhun Bayramov: UN's continuous support in obtaining minefield maps is essential

Jeyhun Bayramov: UN
# 25 September 2022 01:22 (UTC +04:00)

"One of the major impediments to the ongoing recovery and reconstruction efforts and safe return of displaced persons is a massive contamination of liberated territories by landmines and other explosive devices, and continued refusal by Armenia to provide accurate and complete information on mined areas," said Jeyhun Bayramov, Azerbaijani Foreign Minister, during his speech at the general discussions of the 77th session of the UN General Assembly in New York, APA reports.

Over the years of occupation of and during withdrawal of its forces from Azerbaijani territories Armenia heavily and indiscriminately contaminated those areas with mines and other explosive hazards. Since the signing of Trilateral Statement more than 240 Azerbaijani civilians and military were killed or seriously injured by mine explosions.

Obtaining the maps of minefields along with the targeted and sustainable international technical and financial assistance to further strengthen and increase national mine action capacities and efforts in Azerbaijan are critically important to save lives and strengthen peace. The UN sustainable support and adequate and predictable mine action funding are indispensable.