Zelensky vows to fight corruption

Zelensky vows to fight corruption
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  • calendar-gray 19 April 2019

Ukrainian presidential candidate Vladimir Zelensky stated that he aims to lead a resolute fight against corruption in the country and jail corrupt officials regardless of their party affiliation or political status, he said during the debates held at the Olympic Stadium in Kiev in response to the question about the nationalization of Ukraine’s Privatbank, ONAreports citing TASS.

Zelensky stated that he does not aim to protect anyone from his team if this person has broken the law.

"As for Mr. Kolomoisky, here’s what I will tell you. All those Svinarchuks, Gladkovskys (member of Poroshenko’s team - TASS)… and if Kolomoisky is among them, they will all go to jail. But this isn’t done in two weeks. They will go to jail if they break the law," Zelensky said.

On April 18, Kiev’s administrative district court has granted Ukrainian businessman Igor Kolomoisky’s claim on the illegitimacy of the nationalization of Ukraine’s Privatbank, which he founded. Kolomoisky is reported to have ties to Zelensky.

Faiq Mahmudov

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