Victim: Mkrtichyan tortured me so much that his face was forever imprinted in my memory

Victim: Mkrtichyan tortured me so much that his face was forever imprinted in my memory
# 23 June 2021 14:43 (UTC +04:00)

At the meeting on the criminal case of Armenian militants Ludvik Mkrtichovich Mkrtichyan and Alyosha Aramaisovich Khosrovyan, who tortured Azerbaijani prisoners during the First Karabakh war and committed other crimes, the victims testified, APA reports.

At the trial, chaired by the judge of the Baku military court Elbey Allahverdiyev, the victim Elshan Islamov first gave testimony.

He said that he was captured in 1997: “I was taken to the Shusha prison. They started beating me with a belt. It was winter, they dragged us out into the cold, threw us into the snow. Then they handed us over to the Armenian soldiers, who, having tied my hands, poured gasoline on me, put a gas canister under my head. They wanted to set me on fire, but they were told that they had to take me away. They began to beat me, they say, why are they not allowed to set me on fire? Then they put me in the car, offered me food, and when I wanted to eat, they started beating me. Then they took me to a village, hit me on the head when I got out of the car, lost consciousness. Having regained consciousness, I realized that I was in the Shusha prison, there were many wounded Azerbaijanis. One had an eye gouged out. They said they were captured in 1992. They poured water on the concrete, so we slept.

A representative of the International Committee of the Red Cross came and saw that we had nowhere to sleep. Instructed them to give out bed. But after he left, the bed was taken away from us. After that, two people put me in a car and took me to the same mountain. We stopped there and said they would shoot me. I was glad that I would finally get rid of all this. But then they said, "turn around." I turned around and saw our post. They stopped me and started shooting in the direction ours. They wanted our people to start shooting too, and they killed me. But ours did not shoot."

The victim noted that he saw Ludvik Mkrtichyan when he was captured: "Mkrtichyan tortured me in Shusha prison. He pulled out my gold teeth with tongs. In 1999 I was in a pre-trial detention center in Yerevan. They came and took me. I did not understand where they put me - there was a room where Mkrtichyan came and began to talk to me. He said that I should change my name and surname, stay in Armenia, start a family, accept Armenian citizenship and fight against Azerbaijanis. He said that they would create all the conditions. I disagreed. Mkrtichyan tortured me cruelly."

Answering the lawyers' questions, the victim said that he did not know Alyosha Khosrovyan and had no information about him: “I was tortured by Mkrtichyan, I don’t know Khosrovian. But Mkrtichyan tormented me so much that I cannot forget it, his face is forever imprinted in my memory."

The victim Elman Hajiyev said that in 1992 he volunteered for the war: “On September 26, 1993, I was surrounded and taken prisoner. They beat me so badly that I passed out. When I woke up, I saw that I was in Agdera and my hands were chained. For two days I was fed sauerkraut. The chains were not removed so that he could not escape. Then they took me to the Shusha prison. After holding there for two months, they took me to Khojavend. In Khojavend we were forced to work at a construction site. There I saw Mkrtichyan. There was a farm, and in the evening they brought in food for the animals. We started to unload it. Mkrtichyan and several other people were drunk and started beating us with machine guns. I told Mkrtichyan that we will meet someday and I will answer. Mkrtichyan did not like these words, and he began to beat me with the butt of a machine gun and fittings. They broke my nose and threw me into the mud. I couldn't see anything because of the bruises and dirt that got into my eyes. Then they put us in the UAZ again and sent us to the Shusha prison."

During my stay in captivity, the prisoners were used as workers in the construction of the house of Samvel Babayan's brother. They demolished houses in Fuzuli and Aghdam regions with the hands of Azerbaijani prisoners, transported building materials, from which farms were later built. We have built two pig farms, a poultry farm and a granary in Khojavend. Everything for brother Samvel Babayan. The Armenian craftsmen shouted that the solution was late, and every time Mkrtichyan came, beat me with a machine gun and tortured me. During the day, 6 people received a loaf of bread, nothing else ... Then they brought us to Khankendi. A 4-story villa was built for Samvel Babayan, and we participated in the construction."

The victim also said that the Armenians removed the red marble from the Azerbaijani cemeteries and erected a monument in their cemetery: “The staircase in the villa of Samvel Babayan was also trimmed from red marble. In Shusha prison, we were tortured by Ludvik, Artur, Karen, and others. Mkrtichyan shocked us. Then they hit me with a board and broke my nose.

He took me to the front of the prison, put the tiles on the ground without mortar, and told me to stop the tiles from moving. It was impossible, the tiles did not stand exactly. Mkrtichyan said that if I decide to run away, he will torture me to death. He said that Karabakh is Armenia. I still suffer from this torture. I have knee injuries and every year I treat my kidneys."

The victim said that representatives of the International Committee of the Red Cross visited them in Shusha prison. "We were instructed from the very beginning that upon arrival we must praise the Armenians and the conditions of detention, otherwise we will be tortured in the evening."

Victim Yashar Abdulaliev also testified in court. He said that in 1994 he was captured in the Murovdag direction: “I was tortured a lot. Eyvaz, Seymour and I were captured. Then they separated us, said that when Seymur was interrogated, tortured, he resisted, the Armenians poured gasoline on him and set him on fire. Then they chained us by the legs and head. They showed me Seymour's charred body. Then they hid me for a long time from the International Committee of the Red Cross, supposedly there was no such prisoner. After 3 months I was taken to the Shusha prison. I was tortured so much that I ended up dying."

The victim said that he was tortured in Shusha by Mkrtichyan, Kakhramanian, and Petrosyan: “Mkrtichyan gagged my mouth with rubber, pulled out my tooth with a piece of wood and pliers. In Shusha prison, Mkrtichyan lined the Azerbaijani prisoners one by one along the wall, striking our backs with a thorny piece of wood. I was kept in Agdera, Shusha and Sugovushan. Mkrtichyan was especially distinguished by the method of torturing Azerbaijani prisoners in Sugovushan, Shusha prison. Therefore, the Armenians especially respected this person. There, one Baku Armenian told me that Mkrtichyan is a “hero” of the Khojaly tragedy. Mkrtichyan always spoke to us in Azerbaijani. There, Baku and Karabakh Armenians spoke Azerbaijani fluently. And we were forced to speak in Armenian ”.

The victim Rovshan Gariboglu said that all the Armenians living in Karabakh and torturing them speak Azerbaijani: “In Yerevan, they conducted Azerbaijani language courses for their children. Our mistake is that we do not study the Armenian language ”.

R. Gariboglu said that, being in captivity, they were forced to disassemble and transport 35 KamAZ trucks with stone cubes from Aghdam in one day.

The victim Kamil Babayev said that in February 1994, in a blizzard, he lost his way and was captured: “One of the militaries wanted to pull out my titanium teeth with pliers, it didn't work out, as a result, they broke my tooth. Then they took me to Agdam, and from there to Khankendi. They beat us 3-4 times every night. After 3 months in captivity, I was given cold water for bathing. They beat me and broke my nose. I know Mkrtichyan and Khosrovyan from the Shusha prison. They both kicked me, punched me, and beat me with rebar. Then I was taken to work at a construction site at a house in Khankendi. We were forced to work and taken to prison in the evening. In prison, we were handed over to Mkrtichyan and Khosrovyan. And they, as soon as we got there, beat us. I am still suffering from a nervous illness."

In his testimony, the victim Jahid Hasanov said that when he was in captivity, Khosrovyan in the hospital in Khankendi, tied a prisoner named Panakh Iskenderov to the bed, beat him: “In April I was taken to Shusha prison. There, both Mkrtichyan and Khosrovian tortured Panakh. Mkrtichyan had boxing gloves, he got drunk and trained with us."