Azerbaijani General Prosecutor’s Office, Interior Ministry release joint statement on special op to catch second escaped convict

# 10:57
2 November 2017

In the course of carrying out complex operational and search measures to capture Etibar Mammadov, repeatedly convicted of serious and particularly serious crimes, and who escaped from a train during transportation to Baku on October 23, information was received that he was hiding in a house of his acquaintance Ilgar Azimov in Hajigabul district, reads a joint statement from the Prosecutor General’s Office and the Interior Ministry.


When clarifying the information it was revealed that at 11:00pm on November 1, Etibar Mammadov and Ilgar Azimov, by a car belonging to the latter, were moving on the Baku-Alat highway together with Anar Asgarov and Shahmar Bayalizade. A special operation was carried out to capture them, says the statement.


“However, the abovementioned persons, disobeying the lawful demand of police officer to stop the car, attempted to flee the scene having driven the car into them and opened fire from a firearm. As a result of retaliatory action taken by the operative group, Etibar Mammadov and Ilgar Azimov were wounded. They died on the way to hospital. Another wounded Anar Asgarov was hospitalized while Shahmar Bayalizade was detained.”   


Two Makarov pistols, a large number of cartridges and cartridge cases, a hand grenade, a knife, canned food, medical preparations, clothing items, etc. were found and seized during the inspection of the car of the accused persons.


Investigative measures on the criminal case are underway.