Azerbaijani State Security Service conducted special operation, two extremists killed - UPDATED

# 18:35
27 October 2016

The State Security Service of Azerbaijan received information that in the country was created an armed group, planning terrorist acts and armed attacks in the territory of country and subordinated to the terrorist groups involved in armed conflict abroad, the State Security Service's press service told APA.


During the investigation the information was confirmed, whereby it was decided to hold urgent counter measures and Azerbaijani State Security Service conducted special operation.


It was found that the citizens of Azerbaijan F. Rustamov, A. Guliyev, A. Gulmammadov and others involved in the preparation of creation in Azerbaijan armed wing "Caucasus Jamaat" obeying a foreign terrorist group.


In the integrated operational measures to arrest these persons, held October 26-27, in different regions of the country, A. Guliyev and F. Rustamov were killed by members of the State Security Service in the provision of armed resistance.


According to the information, A. Guliyev tried to detonate a hand grenade "F-1" in a public place, and F. Rustamov opened fire on the pistol "Stechkin." A. Gyulmamedov detained.


A criminal case launched on the article in the Main Investigation Department of the State Security Service. 218.2, 28,181.2.1, 28,214.2.1, 28,214.2.3 and 228.1 of the Criminal Code.


Operational and investigative activities are underway.