11 active participants of Ganja events detained, one liquated

# 08:23
13 July 2018

Eleven active participants of the July 10 events in the Azerbaijani city of Ganja were detained, and was eliminated, the Prosecutor General's Office of Azerbaijan, the Ministry of Internal Affairs, as well as the State Security Service said in a joint statement on July 13. 


The necessary investigative actions and operational investigative measures continue in order to identify all the participants of the bloody crime and bring them to justice, the statement reads.


On July 10, a group of religious radicals attempted to disrupt the public order in the city of Ganja. Two police officers were killed as a result of an attack by a group of religious radicals using blunt objects, reads the statement.


"It was found out in the course of operational search activities, continuing in an intensive manner under the personal control of the head of state, in order to capture the participants of this crime that Rashad Boyukishiyev accused of the murder of police officers was hiding in the village of Moranli of Shamkir district. Boyukishiyev offered armed resistance during the operation carried out this morning to arrest him, as a result of which he was destroyed on the spot," the statement says.


In addition, the whereabouts of Samir Ibrahimov, one of the persons who first attacked police officers during the prevention of riots in Ganja, was also detected and he was arrested during operational activities, reads the statement.


Additional information on the work done will be provided.