At least 3 Pakistani warplanes entered Indian part of Kashmir

# 10:11
27 February 2019

On Tuesday, India bombed terrorist infrastructure in Kashmir after violating Pakistan's airspace. The tense bilateral relations have further escalated after February's terrorist attack, which killed 45 Indian paramilitary officers, ONA reports citing Reuters

According to the reports, at least three Pakistan's combat aircraft had entered the airspace over the Indian part of Kashmir. According to AFP, citing sources and local media, Pakistan's fighter jets were forced back over the de facto border of the disputed territory after the violation of the airspace.

Neither the Indian, not Pakistan's defence officials have confirmed the claim so far.

The statement comes just a day after India carried out an aerial operation, targeting a camp of the Jaish-e-Mohammad terrorist group,  which claimed responsibility for the deadly terrorist attack against the Indian security convoy on February 14. The camp was situated in the Pakistani-controlled part of the Kashmir region, while Islamabad accused New Delhi of violating its airspace.

While India stressed that it conducted the raid due to "Pakistan's inability to take action to destroy terrorist infrastructure," the Pakistani National Security Council reportedly rejected the claims that the airstrike targeted terrorists. At the same time, Pakistan's Foreign Ministry stated that it considers the Indian move as an "act of aggression," which threatens regional security and vowed response.