Colombian Border to Be Closed as Long as Threat Remains - Venezuelan Minister

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2 March 2019

The Venezuelan authorities will not open crossings on the country's border with Colombia as long as there is a risk of aggression toward Venezuela from its neighbour, Jorge Rodriguez, Venezuela’s minister of Communication and Information, ONA reports citing  Sputnik.

"We will continue keeping the border closed as long as there are intentions to cross into Venezuela from Colombia", Rodriguez said.

The minister called to respect Venezuela’s border and urged Ivan Duque, the president of Colombia, to "stop any aggressive attempts against Venezuela, stop supporting violent or aggressive groups that are currently [operating] near the border".

The three bridges, connecting Venezuela and Colombia, a long-time ally of the United States in Latin America, were closed by Caracas on 23 February. On the same day, the Venezuelan opposition, supported by Washington, tried to force US-sponsored aid into Venezuela through its borders with Colombia and Brazil, both of which reportedly back the opposition as well. The failed attempt sparked clashes between Venezuelan National Guard officers, who prevented trucks from crossing the country's border without permission, and pro-aid protesters. Colombia has also subsequently announced the partial closure of its border with Venezuela.