Vidadi Zeynalov confronted with Azerbaijani security ministry’s ex-generals

# 07:46
18 November 2016

Baku. Shahriyar Alizade – APA. Major General Subahir Gurbanov, chief of the main directorate for combating transitional economic crime of the liquidated National Security Ministry of Azerbaijan, and Major General Teymur Guliyev, chief of the ministry’s monitoring center, gave testimony in the criminal case of Vidadi Zeynalov, chief of the Office of the Ministry of Communications and High Technologies, and other people arrested alongside him.


Gurbanov said Vidadi Zeynalov did not use to send him money on a monthly basis but noted that he several times asked Vidadi Zeynalov to find gifts for birthdays and wedding celebrations. The gifts were brought to him by his driver Ramil and he paid for the gifts.


Gurbanov’s driver Ramil Aliyev said he visited Zeynalov once a month at Gurbanov’s request and brought back from him a cellophane package full of money. This continued for three or four years. The last time it took place in October 2015.


The imprisoned chief of the ministry’s monitoring center, Teymur Guliyev, said he has known Zeynalov for 20-25 years, adding that he has had talks with him but never demanded anything.


During the investigation, Zeynalov was confronted with Gurbanov and Guliyev.


Zeynalov confirmed that more than three years he sent Gurbanov 100,000 dollars per month and since mid-2013 sent Guliyev 50,000 dollars per month.