At least three dead in gunfight in Comoros after opposition moves to unseat president

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29 March 2019

Comoros said its security forces killed at least three gunmen in a shootout at a military base in the capital on Thursday after renegade soldiers broke out of prison and the opposition announced a plan to unseat the president, ONA reports citing Reuters.

Shooting could be heard for around an hour near the main military base in the capital Moroni, hours after opposition presidential candidates announced their plan to unseat President Azali Assoumani. He was re-elected earlier this week in a vote they reject as fraudulent.

Interior Minister Mohamed Daoudou said a group of renegade soldiers who had been jailed for plotting a coup last year had escaped from prison in the morning and had gone to the army base hoping to convince other troops to back them.

Their mastermind, Fayssoil Abdoussalam, an army major, was among three who were killed in the shootout, Daoudou said. Security and military sources had earlier said four gunmen were killed.