Australia to Expand Military Activity in Space

# 07:37
4 March 2019

An Australian Air Force chief said Canberra should exploit its geography to increase its presence in space, admitting however that the country lags behind the world’s superpowers, ONA reports quoting sputniknews.


The Australian military will join the new space race, as space becomes an increasingly contested domain, Radio New Zealand report says.


Royal Australian Air Force (RAAF) Chief Marshal Leo Davies said the country's unique geography is ideally suited to play a greater role, while acknowledging that Australia lags behind the world superpowers in the "space game."


"Space is one of those domains that needs to expand — our understanding of what is in the sky above us is important," Davies said. "We have begun modestly — as we begin to understand the part we play, the importance of that is growing very quickly."


Davies predicted that the RAAF will commit a "significant investment" in space in the next twenty years.


The Australian government predicts that by 2030 the national space industry will represent some $12 billion to the economy, the report says. Last year it established a dedicated Australian Space Agency.