Ali Hasanov: Thankfully, that TV channel no longer exists

# 12:20
6 October 2017

Violations of the norms of literary language have become a tendency in Azerbaijan, Ali Hasanov, the Azerbaijani president’s aide for public and political affairs, said in his closing speech at the conference entitled “The Role of Media in the Preservation and Development of the Azerbaijani Literary Language,” APA reported.


Hasanov said that a productive discussion was held at the conference.


"At the conference our main duties and targets in all spheres were mentioned, and I am absolutely convinced that this is not an issue of the media only. If the issue of purity of the Azerbaijani language is on the agenda, parents and nurses, secondary and higher schools, NGOs and the media all have to do their own part. What procedures does a host go through until he gets there? Everyone must understand that there is a geographical area to keep the Azerbaijani language alive and that is this area. It’s Azerbaijanis living in Azerbaijan and abroad,” the presidential aide said calling on everyone to be responsible for this issue.  


“Hosts must have complete mastery of our language and also have charming physical characteristics. It is even better if a host is highly intellectual,” he added.  


Hasanov noted that over the past decade TV channels have developed inclination towards artificial ranking and fake surveys.


“In the first place, heads of media outlets and TV channels need to know that they present an example to society. It’s no use inviting to live programmes those who have nothing to offer to Azerbaijani society,” he said.  


Hasanov said it is necessary to create academies in television.


"There should be educational programs in Azerbaijani on AzTV and ITV. Nushiravan Maharramli has been frequently raising this issue and conducting monitoring over the last few years, which displeases some. The head of one TV station wrote to the NTRC chairman, asking him to write down what national-moral values are and send it to him. Thankfully, that television channel no longer exists. Arif Rahimzade made a statement in Moscow that the Turkish language and the Azerbaijani language are different. It’s another issue that Azerbaijani belongs to the Turkic languages group. However, Arif Rahimzadeh was criticized on a television channel by a host. Good that neither that host nor that TV channel exists any more,” he added.