Azerbaijani journalists must fight those opposing state and its symbols: professor

# 09:25
10 March 2018

Azerbaijani journalists must fight those who oppose the state and its symbols, said Jahangir Mammadli, professor of the Baku State University.


He made the remarks at the 7th Congress of Azerbaijani Journalists in Baku on March 10, APA reports.


Mammadli said it is necessary for Azerbaijani journalists to give a worthy rebuff to those who discredit the Azerbaijani state under the order of certain circles abroad.  


“Some circles abroad are leading a smear campaign against Azerbaijan,” said the professor, calling on honest Azerbaijani journalists to fight against them.  


Mammadli also underscored the need to strength the fight against journalists involved in racketeering.  


“Imagine that there are ‘racketeering journalists’ who demand money from school principals working in the frontline zone under rocket and machinegun fire. This must be stopped. The legal measures against such journalists should be strengthened,” he added.