Rahim Namazov shot in France is not a journalist: Azerbaijani Press Council

# 15:26
30 March 2018

There is no journalist named Rahim Namazov, said Aflatun Amashov, chairman of the Press Council of Azerbaijan.


He was commenting on reports about Rahim Namazov, also known as Rahim Shakinskiy, who allegedly was a journalist and shot by a gunman in Toulouse, France, APA reports.


“Some local media outlets reported that an individual named Rahim Namazov, also known as Rahim Shakinskiy, was shot and wounded in France and allegedly he is a journalist. In the disseminated information, as well as in the French TV channel's report the issue is put in such a way that an Azerbaijani journalist was shot. This is a very serious mistake,” Amashov said.  


“As chairman of Azerbaijan’s Press Council and a person who has been working in the media sphere for a long time, I can say that there is no journalist named Rahim Namazov,” he added.


Amashov noted that there are dozens of people who receive a journalist certificate in various ways in order to obtain asylum abroad.   


“Apparently, Rahim Namazov is one of them. Therefore, I can say that an armed attack on this person in France cannot be connected with journalism activity. If the issue is investigated in a different aspect, then we will reach a more objective result. I ask media representatives, in particular, internet information resources, to take this into account," he added.


The Press Council chairman called on local media outlets, especially internet information resources to be careful on such issues.   


Rahim Namazov (Shakinskiy), an Azerbaijani man living in France, was shot and wounded in the city of Toulouse.


Namazov was opened fire at in a drive-by shooting while traveling by car with his wife, Francebleu.fr reported.


His wife died in the attack, while Rahim was seriously wounded and hospitalized.