Presentation held for media project marking centenary of Azerbaijani Democratic Republic

# 10:08
1 May 2018

A media project marking the 100th anniversary of the Azerbaijani Democratic Republic (ADR) has been launched with the support of ASAN service in a joint partnership with the International Bank of Azerbaijan and ASAN Radio, APA reports. 

A project called “100-year history” was presented to journalists at a press conference in Baku on Tuesday. 

Within the long-term project, a series of audio and video materials about thew ADR will be prepared with the support of the International Bank of Azerbaijan. The materials will be broadcasted on the ASAN Radio, presented in communication channels of various social networks of the International Bank of Azerbaijan and ASAN service. Separate moments of the 23-year activity of the ADR will be shed light on in the materials. The project will light up a number of interesting facts preserved in different archives, museums.

With guidance documentary materials, museum exhibits and historical buildings used by the ADR, these materials will take viewers on a journey to historical days 100 years ago. Rahib Azeri will participate in the process of preparing the materials as an expert. 


Director of ASAN Radio Emin Musavi said being the first and only radio specializing in the field of public services, ASAN Radio has placed special emphasis on the line of awareness.


“Under the order of the Head of State, this project will also play an important role in enlightening our listeners about the history of the Republic and promoting our values,” he said.


Nigar Tahirova, Director of the Marketing Department of the International Bank of Azerbaijan (IBA), said that the purpose of this project is to promote the values of our republic.


"This is the year when the Republic of Azerbaijan was established. With such a project, we also wanted to make our own contribution to this series of events on the occasion of the 100th anniversary of the independence of Azerbaijan. We believe that the audio and video materials presented within the project will draw great interest. "


The project expert, Rahib Azeri, said the ADR history is a rich source.


"I have personally witnessed this wealth when making television programs. As you follow a certain fact, new historical truths come to light. We have learned a very small portion of them so far. We will do our utmost to making this project interesting and useful,” he said. 


Another joint project of the International Bank of Azerbaijan and ASAN Radio was also presented to journalists during the press conference. It is an educational program that will be broadcast on ASAN Radio every Friday at 19:05 beginning from May 4. This program will include informative discussions with the participation of experts of the International Bank of Azerbaijan and various questions on financial-banking will be answered. The program aims to promite financial literacy in society. Famous economist-journalist Ali Ahmedov will be the host of the program.