Ukrainian journalist: “It is crucial to collect evidence of crimes committed by occupants in Karabakh”

Taras Berezovets

© APA | Taras Berezovets

# 28 September 2021 11:14 (UTC +04:00)

“I am from Crimea, so I perfectly understand the pain of the Azerbaijani people regarding Karabakh,” said Ukrainian journalist, TV presenter Taras Berezovets while visiting Ganja, APA’s local bureau reports.

He has noted that this is the tragedy of not only the Azerbaijani but also the Ukrainian people: “We saw the destruction and tragedies committed by Armenians in Jabrayil, Shusha, Fuzuli. Today we are in Ganja. We read, heard a lot of information, your 44-day war was covered in Ukraine. Our TV channel reported a lot about this. I wrote a lot about this, we constantly had reports from Azerbaijan, and of course, we saw the tragedy what we see in Ganja, where civilians died as a result of the barbaric night shelling (I specifically asked the time, it was at night when everyone was asleep). Shooting when people do not have the opportunity to hide in a bomb shelter is evidence of the barbarity not only of those people who did it but also of the criminals who gave the order. And of course, now we are closely following the international lawsuits filed by Azerbaijan. Claims that relate to compensation for damages, for a humanitarian catastrophe that has been committed here for 30 years. It is very important to collect all the evidence of crimes that were committed by the occupiers on the territory of Karabakh since it is not only about the destruction of property. We saw it in Shusha. We are talking about the destruction of a cultural heritage that has existed for several centuries. I saw mosques with warehouses, animals kept, all interior decoration was destroyed. It is hard to see all this, because it is one thing when you occupy, use, and another - deliberately destroy any presence of the Azerbaijani people in this territory. Therefore, the example of Azerbaijan is very important for Ukraine as a de-occupation of territories, we still have a long way to go.”