Vandalism defined and signed but disapproved - ANALYTICS

Vandalism defined and signed but disapproved - ANALYTICS
# 25 November 2020 14:07 (UTC +04:00)

A group of renowned cultural figures from France and Russia (directors, writers, performers, musicians, journalists, singers) have signed an appeal in support of Armenian separatism in the Nagorno-Karabakh (Daghlyg Garabagh) region of Azerbaijan, based on lies and slander, this was reported in the French newspaper Le Figaro and Russian news agency Ria Novosti.

The appeal demonstrates solidarity with the Armenians and concern for their fate in Garabagh.

"It is unfortunate that the participation of influential cultural figures in this appeal, which was presented to the world community without relying on relevant evidence and facts, including any scientific research, has become a tool of Armenian propaganda; this unprofessional approach casts a shadow over the image and impartiality of these individuals", stated the Ministry of Culture of The Republic of Azerbaijan on November the 23rd, 2020 in reference to the news appeared in Le Figaro.

"Garik" and "Armen" names that look like signature under the vandalism and desecration acts of the walls in Khojavend, Orthodox Church in Azerbaijan.

This church is a historical monument of architecture in the village of Kuropatkino, it was built in 1894, but was destroyed during the years of occupation of the Khojavend region, seized by the Armenian Armed Forces in February 1992.

(Photo shows Khojavend, Russian Orthodox Church on 23.11.2020)

These fragments of temple walls and similar acts of vandalism should never be covered with restoration works, on the contrary, must be preserved as it is now.

Such a practice exists. In some countries and cases the facades of buildings affected by the Second World War are partially preserved for posterity, in the form in which they were left behind by the invaders, so that after some 20-30-50-100 years, no one would declare anything false, fabricate groundless demands, use the ignorance of public opinion for selfish purposes, manipulate the feelings of the population and ignorant politicians, and vice versa, tell tragic stories and so on.

Let our children see those writings tomorrow... Meanwhile today this message goes to so-called defenders of art, who strive for the selective "preservation and protection" of historical monuments and shrines in Azerbaijan.

Melaike Huseyin